Vijaydurg - The Victory Fort!

Named after the fort located at the mouth of of Vaghotan River that separates Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg district, Vijaydurg is the largest fort in the Konkan and covers an area of approx 6 hectares. Kunkeshwar temple is the most visited temple in Vijaydurg. Located in Devgad Taluka, Vijaydurg also has one of most beautiful yet less visited beaches in the entire Konkan stretch.

Vijaydurg Vijaydurg Forts Vijaydurg - Erstwhile Naval Base..

The Vijaydurg Fort is a testimony to the naval prowess of the Marathas. Shivaji developed the 17 acre fort which was used to repair Maratha warships. The fortress was virtually impregnable because of the 40 km shallow creek which acted as natural protection around the fort.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Vijaydurg 400

Mumbai to Vijaydurg 500

Kolhapur to Vijaydurg 170

Nagpur to Vijaydurg 370

Ahm'bad to Vijaydurg 900

B'lore to Vijaydurg 1000


Burnt Island - Vengurla rocks..

A bird watchers paradise Burnt island is one of the three islands off the coast from Vengurla. Burnt island is a traditional roosting and nesting site of the Indian Swiftlet, the Edible nest swiftlet and many more species of avians. The nests of Edible nest swiftlet is believed to have aphrodisiac properties in the Far East Asian countries.

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