Vengurla - Goa's Neighbour!

Vengurla’s beaches — Vayangani, Sagareshwar, Mochemad, Sagarteerth, Shiroda - Velagar and Redi — lie in a line going south right down the coast of Maharashtra till they rub shoulders with Goa. Sagareshwar is one of the closest and most visited beach in Vengurla. Apart from the beaches of Vengurla, Vengurla lighthouse and the Vengurla jetty are the main tourist attractions in Vengurla.
Burnt Island - Vengurla rocks..

A bird watchers paradise Burnt island is one of the three islands off the coast from Vengurla. Burnt island is a traditional roosting and nesting site of the Indian Swiftlet, the Edible nest swiftlet and many more species of avians. The nests of Edible nest swiftlet is believed to have aphrodisiac properties in the Far East Asian countries.
About 3 km from the Vengurla town and near the jetty is the Vengurla lighthouse, reached via a winding path perched on a hill the Vengurla lighthouse offers a spectacular view of the sea below stretching far into the horizon; the jetty and its boats; the palm-fringed coastline to the left; and a creek far away trailing out to the sea. To the right is a sheer drop down to the sea past jagged cliffs. To the north-west are the Vengurla Rocks, also called Burnt Islands.
Vengula at a distance of about 400 kms from Pune (Mumbai to Vengula - 500) is an ideal stop over place on the way to Goa from Mumbai and Pune. With secluded beaches and soft white sand beaches Vengurla is an ideal foil to a bustling holiday in Goa!
The best route to Vengurla from Pune is via Kolhapur and from Vengurla-Mumbai the NH 17. For more details on route map and maps            click here
Vengurla Jetty

Once a bustling port, Vengurla’s jetty is a part of settlement set up by the Dutch. The port was central to many trading activities during the rule of the Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji. The best time to visit the Vengurla jetty is in the evening when the boats return with the day’s catch.
Nivti 20 kms from Vengurla town has a serene beach with soft silver sands. It is almost enclosed by rock structures wading deep into the sea at both sides making it a private beach. The Nivti fort is located nearby. Completely in ruins there aint much to see in the fort apart from its ruined bastions however the view it affords is amazing with the Bhogwe beach on the right and the Nivti beach on the left!

Burnt Island Vengurla
Vengurla Jetty
Vengurla Lighthouse
Distance from Major cities..
Pune to Vengurla     
Mumbai to Vengurla     
Kolhapur to Vengurla     
Nagpur to Vengurla     
Ahm'bad to Vengurla
B'lore to Vengurla
:  400
:  500
:  650
:  1000
:  1000
:  170
Vengurlar Lighthouse..
Reaching Vengurla..
Nivti Beach..