Vasota (3842 ft)

Vasota stands tall amidst the dense evergreen forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and will mesmerize you with its beauty. Vasota also called Vyaghragad is famous for the dense forest and wildlife including leopards and wild bears! Each contour of the Vasota hills enhances its beauty many times over. A trek through this dense forest is a thrilling experience. Vasota Trek is the most popular and exciting jungle treks in Maharashtra.
Vasota is the most popular Jungle trek in Maharashtra. Situated on the western edge of the Satara District, Vasota is covered in dense forest all the way through. With panoramic view of the shiv saagar lake on the eastern side and surrounded by the river Koyna, Vasota makes a special treat for trekkers. In Vasota there are two forts, juna Vasota and navin Vasota. Juna Vasota on top of babukada is not accesible. Trek to Vasota from MET Indavali will take approximately 4 hrs.
Vasota Trekking..

Tapola famously called the mini Kashmir of the west is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake - Shivsagar.  Tapola the base village to the Vasota fort is at the end of the road and practically a dead end! From Mahabaleshwar Tapola is 25 kilometers away and the drive to Tapola is a picturesque one with vistas galore. Boats are available from Tapola to Bamnoli and Vasota.
Reaching Vasota..
Located deep within the Koyna Wild Life sanctuary,  the only to reach the base of Vasota is by a boat from Tapola or Bamnoli. Make sure you carry everything necessary for the trip along with you as Vasota is completely cut off from civilization. Prior permissions for the trek needs to be taken from the forest athourities, normally you can get that done the same day as you plan your trek from Bamnoli.
Kas Pathar..

If you are planning a Vasota trek between August - October take the Satara route to Bamnoli which passes through Kas Pathar. A unique biosphere Kas Pathar is the valley of flowers of Maharashtra. After monsoons this vast plateau turns into a bed of flowers with more than 150 varieties of flowers.
There are two entrances to the navin Vasota one of which is in a dilapidated state and the fort can be entered through only the second entrance. On entering the fort there is a Hanuman temple from where the straight path leads to the remnants of the fort. The left path leads to the Kalkaiche Thane. On the way is the Mahadeo temple and ahead of it is Machi with spectacular views of the region.
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