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Torna Trek Routes

Torna fort trek is a medium-difficulty trek. Though the route to Torna is simple as far as directions are concerned the route is quite steep at certain parts of the route and one needs to be careful so as to not miss the foot trail. The Torna trek route can be divided in three parts - an initial climb up the hill, a plateaue and the final rock patch to enter the Torna fort via the Bini darwaja.

Torna Torna Forts

Camping in Torna..

Torna is one of the most popular camping destinations near Pune, though it involves an ardous trek to reach on top many campers especially from Mumbai and Pune frequent this fort. It gets very cold during winters here so be prepared with warm clothing!

Distance from Major cities

Pune toTorna60

Mumbai toTorna 200

Kolhapur toTorna230

Nashik toTorna 260

Nagpur toTorna775

B'lore toTorna 850

Torna - Raigad Fort Trek

A very long and ardous trek Torna - Raigad is attempted by very few trekkers. Close to 30 kms the trek passes through small villages treacherous climbs and thick forests. If you want to see real rustic life in small villages you definitely could get a glimplse of that in this trek. The minimum recommended duration of this trek is 2-3 days with night halts.

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