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Torna is amongst the tallest forts near Pune and the trek to Torna ranges from medium - difficult levels. Velhe is the base village of the fort and the trek up to the fort will approximately take 3-4 hours with breaks in between.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Torna
Kolhapur - Satara - Surur - Shirwal - Nasrapur - Velhe - Torna

Best Route from Mumbai to Torna
Mumbai - Pune Ex way - Pune Bypass Rd - Warje - Khadakwasla - Khanapur - Velhe - Torna

Best Route from Pune to Torna
Pune - Satara HW - Nasrapur - Adoli - Velhe - Torna

Interesting fact!

Rajgad fort adjacent to Torna was fortified with the treasure found on the Torna fort!

Camping in Torna..
Torna is one of the most popular camping destinations near Pune, though it involves an ardous trek to reach on top many campers especially from Mumbai and Pune frequent this fort. Be prepared for the cold!
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