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Toranmal is one of the remotest hill station in Maharashtra, A tribal belt, reaching Toranmal can be quite a task but truely worth the effort. The last 50 odd kilometers is a real challenge with pretty bad roads especially after Shahada.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Toranmal
Kolhapur - Satara - Pune - Nasik - Malegaon - Dhule - Shahada - Toranmal

Best Route from Mumbai to Toranmal
Mumbai - Asangaon - Nasik - Malegaon - Dhule - Shahada - Toranmal

Best Route from Pune to Toranmal
Pune - Narayangaon - Nasik - Malegaon - Dhule - Shahada - Toranmal

Toranmal, the name of this hamlet is derived from the name of the tree and the temple of the godess Torna Devi a godess of fertility.

Yashwant Lake

The Yashwant Lake is the main attractions of Toranmal. The fresh water lake is ideal for boating and fishing. Surrounded by hills and spread over 1.5 km, the lake overlooks the Protestant church

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