Tarkarli - A sea side Sojourn

Tarkarli beach boasts of the finest talcum powder sand to be found along the Konkan - this is not a travel writer's cliche. The water is so clear that you can see the sea bed upto a depth of 15 ft or more. With an almost 8 km long coastline Tarkarli features as one of the most picturesque destination in the entire Konkan stretch. Notwithstanding the proximity to Goa, Tarkarli still is one of the most popular beaches in southern Konkan

Tarkarli Tarkarli Beach Snorkeling in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is one of the rare places in Maharashtra where you can indulge in snorkeling to explore the intriguing underwater life and rockscapes. There are a few sites near Tarkarli identified as ideal for snorkeling like the Sindhudurg fort, Devbag sangam and Vengurla rocks

Distance from Major cities


Pune to Tarkarli500

Mumbai to Tarkarli500

Kolhapur to Tarkarli170

Nagpur to Tarkarli1000

Ahm'bad to Tarkarli1000

B'lore to Tarkarli 650


The little fishing village of Devbag lies wedged between the sea and Karli river to the south of Tarkarli beach. A peninsula with the sea on one side and the Karli river on the other Devbag is a pleasent hamlet near Tarkarli. Boating at Devbag sangam is one of the prime attractions of a Tarkarli vacation.

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