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Thanks to the efforts of the famous marine biologist Mr Sarang Kulkarni snorkeling is a reality in Maharashtra. Snorkeling sites have been identified near Sindhudurg Fort near Vengurla rocks and Devbaug sangam. In these snorkeling sites near Pune you can find natural treasure of marine life. The rock formations here have maintained marine life and one can find corals, fishes and Sargassum forest under water.

M.T.D.C.'s project Konkan Diving Dreams was  inaugurated on 24th May, 2007 at Tarkarli beach six kilometres from Malvan in Sindhudurg District. Blue water, golden sand, coral reefs, dolphins and abundance of endangered underwater animals sound like features of an exotic destination in the Pacific Ocean but in reality just a few hours from Pune. Malvan where the snorkiling sites have been identified is approximately 400 Kms from Pune and about 550 Kms from Mumbai.
Snorkeling near Pune..
Scuba Diving in Karnataka..

Netrani - Pigeon island, is a small island about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Murudeshwar, a small temple town in Karnataka. The approximate charge for certified divers is Rs 3500 for a one tank dive and Rs 4500 for two tank dives. Pigeon Island is a great location to spot even large pelagics like the rays and sharks but the chances to spot these is lets say 1 in 1000
Snorkeling locations near Pune..
Sindhudurg fort area 2 Kms from the Makvan bus stand is the primary snorkeling site in Maharashtra. Almost all the resorts in Malvan, Tarkarli and Devbaug have tie ups with snorkeiling operators and a snorkeling trip can easily be organized. Devbaug sabgam 7 kms from Tarkarli is another site where snorkeling is done. Vengurla rocks also has a snorkeling site however its not as popular as the sindhudurg fort.
Do i need any training for snorkeling?
Snorkeling only requires basic instructions and no formal training.

Is there any dress code?
Anything that you are comfortable in!

How much does it cost?
The cost vary per person depending on season. It is approximately 200-300/person.
Snorkeling Vs Scuba diving..

Snorkeling is swimming with a snorkel mask which allows you to observe under water marine life and rock formations. SCUBA - self contained under - water breathing apparatus, is not yet operational in Maharashtra. With scuba one can literally swim along side the fishes and experiance aquatic life.
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Natrani Island Cave
Snorkeling near Pune
Snorkeling in Maharashtra
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