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Trek Route in Shivneri

Trekking in Shivneri fort is more of a liesurely walk through the seven gates, and gardens to the 'Shiv Janmasthal' with a few rock patches. There are even a few shops selling refreshments on the way inside the fort! Archaeological Survey of India has sign boards placed at each gate and important spots inside the fort with descriptions and significance of the structure.

Shivneri Fort Jiajbai & Shivaji Narayangaon Vineyards..

Narayangaon 20kms from Shivneri fort is the land of wines in Maharashtra. If you like wine a tour of the vineyards is an exciting option one can explore. Many varieties of grapes are grown here for preperation of wine and some very good restaurants and wine bars are also there.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Shivneri100

Mumbai to Shivneri 160

Kolhapur to Shivneri320

Nashik to Shivneri 150

Nagpur to Shivneri720

B'lore to Shivneri 950


Lenyadri located on the North-west bank of Kukadi river less than 10 kms from Shivneri fort is the only temple amongst Astavinayaka temples, which is situated on mountain and in the vicinity of the buddhist caves. Out of 18 Buddhist caves on the mountain, Girijatmaj Vinayak's temple is in the eighth cave. These caves are also called Ganesh caves.

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