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Rajmachi is an easy trek but the trek route to Rajmachi is very long. One can start the trek either from Tungarli near Lonavala or Kondivade near Karjat. All trek routes converge at the Udhivade village which is the base village if Rajmachi fort. There is camping facility available in Udhivade.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Rajmachi
Kolhapur - Satara - Surur - Pune - Lonavala - Tungarli - Udhivade - Rajmachi

Best Route from Mumbai to Rajmachi
Mumbai - Mumbai - Pune Ex way - Lonavala - Udhewade - Rajmachi

Best Route from Pune to Rajmachi
Pune - Lonavala - Udhewade - Rajmachi

Stay in Rajmachi
The shorter route to Rajmachi starts near Karjat in Kondivade village. From Kondivade village one could take the Kharvandi
Camping in Rajmachi

Rajmachi Rural Aid and Development Programme (NGO) has 2 dormitories to provide camping accommodation facilities fpr trekkers to Rajmachi in Udhivade village.

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