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Rajgad Trek Route

There are many trek routes to Rajgad but the two significant routes are the Gunjawane 'chor darwaja' route and the 'Raj-marg' or the Pali route via Vajeghar. The 'chor darwaja' route is the most popular route and the rock patches are protected with railings for the safety of the climbers. The Pali gate is a huge entrance unlike the chor darwaja and is beautifully constructed.

Rajgad Forts Rajgad Forts

Camping in Rajgad..

Rajgad fort is a great location for camping. The Padmavati temple can easily accommodate about 20 people however its advisable to carry your own tent and sleeping bags. The Bale Killa is the best place to pitch a tent however choose a spot which gives protection from the strong winds.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Rajmachi65

Mumbai to Rajgad 200

Kolhapur to Rajmachi200

Nagpur to Rajgad750

Nashik to Rajgad265

B'lore to Rajgad825

Rajgad to Torna
Rajgad to Torna

Rajgad to Torna is a difficult and thrilling trek. This trek is advisable only for the experienced trekkers. From Rajgad the trek to Torna starts from the 'Alu darwaja' on the 'Sanjivani machi'. This trek route is a narrow strip atop the ridges for most part of it. There are a few rock patches which are very steep and one needs to be very careful while negotiating them.

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