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Raigad Trek Routes

The Raigad trek is essentially a climb up the stairs however there are a few forts around Raigad and the trek routes to these forts like Torna and Mangad from Raigad offer some exciting options. The Raigad Torna trek - a real test of endurance - is a popular trek route taken by ardent trekkers. The trek to Lingana fort from Raigad is comparitively a shorter trek from Raigad.

Raigad Ropeway Raigad Fort
"A word to the young trekkers"..

As repeatedly mentioned in this section on Raigad fort, Raigad is much more than a tourist spot or a trekking destination. Raigad is considered to be holy by many and is a revered place that holds the samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj. Please be sensitive to the emotions attatched to this fort.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Raigad140

Mumbai to Raigad 180

Kolhapur to Raigad265

Nagpur to Raigad 675

Ahm'bad to Raigad 650

B'lore to Raigad875

Raigad Ropeway
Raigad Ropeway

Raigad Ropeway built in 1996 under the leadership of late Shri V M Jog is an unique feature of Raigad fort. The ropeway takes the visitor up the fort in just 4 minutes and the ride up is a great experiance especially after monsoons when  the carriages takes you up clouds.

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