Trek Route to Pratapgad

Pratapgad Trek Routes..

Trekking up Pratapgad is not a very popular option and since not many venture into the forest with steep slopes there is no trekking trails tha one could follow, however there is a tarmac road that takes the visitor right upto the foot of the fort. Pratapgad however is a popular destination with bikers who multiple destination in the same trip. Pratapgad is couupled with Raigad fort, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani or Tapola.

Pratapgad Forts Pratapgad Forts

Tapola - Base of Vasota Trek..

Tapola famously called the mini Kashmir of the west is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake - Shivsagar. Tapola is at the end of the road and practically a dead end! Tapola is the base for Vasota trek, the most popular jungle trek near Pune and Mumbai.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Pratapgad140

Mumbai to Pratapgad160

Kolhapur to Pratapgad345

Nagpur to Pratapgad 750

Nashik to Pratapgad 165

B'lore to Pratapgad 950

Adventure in Panchgani
Adventure in Panchgani

Panchgani, notwithstanding the sedate laid back vibe that it emanates is a also a destination for the adventure sports enthusiast. Panchgani is a pseudo head quarter for the parasailing activities in Maharashtra and the activity is conducted through out the year but for the monsoons. There are many trekking routes also near Panchgani including couple of forts

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