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Panchgani is a small town on the way to Mahabaleshwar with an unhurried relaxed charm with its strawberry farms, boarding schools and old british buildings. Stroll across the narrow walkways on a misty morning or while away at the bazaar, Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet engulfs you in its own unhurried way and make you feel a part of the charm.
Panchgani, set at the foot of five hills and blessed with pleasent weather around the year is an ideal weekend destination for a romantic get away. The five hills surrounding Panchgani set atop a volcanic plateau opens up numerous vistas making Panchgani an ideal hillstation for a romantic getaway. With many hotels & resorts planning a holiday in Panchgani is quite easy. Major attractions of Panchgani are Sydney Point, Table Land, Parsi Point, and Devil's Kitchen.
Adventure in Panchgani

Panchgani, notwithstanding the sedate laid back vibe that it emanates is a also a destination for the adventure sports enthusiast. Panchgani is a pseudo head quarter for the parasailing activities in Maharashtra and the activity is conducted through out the year  but for the monsoons. There are many trekking routes also near Panchgani including couple of forts perfect for trekking.

Panchgani just a 100kms from Pune is an ideal hillstation near Pune perfect for a weekend break or a short vacation. From Pune to reach Panchgani one has to take the Pune-Satara highway and take the off road at Surur. From Mumbai one can reach Panchgani via Mahabaleshwar or first come to Pune and continue to Panchgani. For detailed info on how to reach Panchgani please click here

The vistas that Panchgani open up for you is not limited to certain points or spots but is all around you. The rustic charm follows you where ever you go in this beautiful hamlet. The points in Panchgani are the epitome of the beauty of this place if you want to see it in snapshots!
The main points of tourist unterest in Panchgani are Sydney Point, Table Land, Parsi Point, and Devil's Kitchen.
Table Land - Panchgani

The primary attraction in Panchgani, the Table land is a vast expanse of flat laterite rock surrounded by hills. Panchgani has been the location for many hindi movies thanks to the table land! You could hire a pony and visit the numerous spots offering panoramic views of the hills.
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