Nivati - a trans world experiance .

Nivati is an unexplored piece of land that springs a surprise at every turn you take. Nivati beach is a secluded cove with a beautiful stretch of white sand beach and a turquoise blue sea to complement it. The Nivati beach is without a doubt the main attraction in Nivati. The Nivati fort plays sentinal to this beautiful shoreline and makes a Nivati vacation an unforgetable experiance.

Nivati Nivati beach

Rampani Fishing..

The beach seine - net operated from the shore, called 'Rampani fishing' endemic to this region in Konkan is an intriguing sight. The rampani fishery is a seasonal one, lasting for about six months from August to January.

Distance from Major cities


Pune to Nivati 400

Mumbai to Nivati 500

Kolhapur to Nivati175

Nagpur to Nivati 1000

Ahm'bad to Nivati 1000

B'lore to Nivati650

Nivati Rock
Nivati Rock & Backwaters

Dolphin rides are very popular in Nivati along with a visit to the Nivati rocks. Nivati is also blessed with a 5 Km long backwater bordering the paddy fields and a cruise in the narrow water lanes of Nivati backwaters displaying the panorama of simple village life is an experience in itself.

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