How to Reach to Murud

Pune to Murud            Mumbai to Murud            Kolhapur to Murud

There are two routes one could take from Mumbai and Pune to Murud. You could either take the Alibaug route and continue further to Murud from Poinad or take the Roha route and directly go to Murud. The distance would be the same in both the routes but one could stay on the NH17 for much longer in the Roha route.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Murud

Kolhapur - Umbraj - Patan - Chiplun - Khed - Poladpur - Roha - Murud

Best Route from Mumbai to Murud

Mumbai - Panvel - Pen - Alibaug - Murud

Best Route from Pune to Murud

Pune - Mumbai - Express way - Lonavala - Khopoli - Pen - Alibaug - Murud

If you are traveling via Lonavala try the chikki and berries. Lonavala is also famaous for the 'misal pav' the very own maharashtrian snack!

Alibaug by Ferry

If you are traveling to Alibaug from Mumbai you have the option of traveling by the ferry. Ferries are available from Gate way of India round the year but for monsoons.

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