The beaches in Malvan with soft white sand is by far much better than even the Goan beaches. But for the atmosphere that one would enjoy in Goa the beaches in Malvan would have been miles ahead in popularity than the beaches of Goa. However the distinct advantage Malvan beaches have is the delicious Malvani food that gets served here which is far more agreeable to the Indian palate!!

Malvan Rosary Church Malvan Houseboat

Malvan Beaches..

With a long picturesque coastline and beaches extending from Achare in the north to the little peninsular of Devbag in the southern end Malvan is blessed with some of the best beaches in Maharashtra. Malvan boasts of a turqoise blue sea and talcum soft white sand beaches!

Distance from Major cities


Sindhudurg Fort2

Chivla 2

Devgad 25

Devbaug 7

Nivati 15

Vengurla 30

Snorkeling in Malvan..
Snorkeling in Malvan..

Malvan is one of the rare places in snorkeling underwater life and rockscapes. There are a few sites in and around Malvan identified as ideal sites for snorkeling like the Sindhudurg fort, Devbag sangam and Vengurla rocks. The best season for snorkeling in Malvan is between November and May.

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