Lohagad Trek Routes

Lohagad Trek Routes

The trek route to Lohagad is pretty much straight forward. Bhaje village is where one could start the trek to Lohagad fort. Bhaje is about 6 kms from Malawli. A liesurely walk of about 1.5 hrs* will get you to 'Gaimukh Khind'. A right turn from here will take you to Logaon which is at the foot of the fort where the stairs up the fort starts. A left turn at Gaimukh Khind will lead you to the Visaprur fort.

Lohagad Forts Lohagad Forts

Lohagad to Pavana..

If you are in for a long trek you can continue the Lohagad trek further to Pavananagar with the Pavana dam and lake. The trek route is not very frequented and its advisable experienced trek lead to do this trek the way confusing!

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Distance from Major cities

Pune to Lohagad70

Mumbai to Lohagad90

Kolhapur to Lohagad300

Nagpur to Lohagad 900

Nashik to Lohagad 225

B'lore to Lohagad 900

Bhaje Caves- Lohagad
Bhaje Caves - Lohagad

Bhaje caves between Malavli and 'Bhaje gaav' is a great stop on your way to Lohagad fort. Quite similar to the Karla caves the most impressive part of the Bhaje caves is the 'chaityagriha' - the arched hallway. A group of 22 rock cut caves the Bhaje caves is believed to be built by the buddhist monks in the 2nd centuary BC!

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