Kihim - The Rocky Shores

Kihim beach is one amongst the most popular Alibaug beaches with a long stretch of sandy beach intermitten by rocky stretches. The Khanderi and Underi forts looms over the horizon at the Kihim beach and along with the rocky stretches offers one of the most beautiful views of the setting sun in this part of the konkan beaches.

Parasailing in Kihim  Kihim Beach - tsunami Island

Shivling at Kihim Beach..

Every year during the month of shravan a shivling mysteriously appears on the Kihim beach drawing hundreds of devotees to see the 'swayambhu' shivling that appears  year after year just to vanish again to reappear the next year!

Distance from Major cities


Pune to kihim 140

Mumbai to kihim 100

Kolhapur to kihim365

Nagpur to kihim 950

Ahm'bad to kihim 600

B'lore to kihim 950

Kankeshwar Temple - Kihim
Kankeshwar Temple..

3 kms from Kihim beach in Mapgaon is the hill of Kankeshwar Temple. Enroute the trek up is "Brahma Kund", a rectangular tank surrounded by steps on all four sides with a semblence to the Pushkarini in Hampi. Kankeshwar Temple built in 1764 by Raja Ramdeorai Yadav has a silver plated idol. The temple also has a Kund known as "Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh Kund".

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