Kalsubai (5500 ft)

The everest of the Sahyadris, Kalasubai is the highest peak of the mountain range of Sahyadri. Kalsubai is part of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary which spreads from Kalasubai to Harischandragad in Akole. The Kalsubai sanctuary is a challenge to trekkers with its rugged hilly terrain and the Kalsubai pinnacle at its height of 5500 ft is a real steep climb.
Kalsubai trek is a dream trek of every avid trekker in Maharashtra to climb it at least once. The highest point in the sahyadris The Kalsubai trek is a medium - hard difficulty trek with the elements of nature testing you in every step you take. There are three ladders on the way to Kalsubai and one needs to be careful while negotiating them. Bari is the base village for Kalsubai trek and the trek duration to Kalsubai is approximately 3-4 hours.
Kalsubai Trekking..
Bhandardara - A Surreal Get Away..

The Wilson dam and Arthur lake, Amruteshwar temple and the Randha Falls - Bhandardara is truely a little paradise. Bhandardara has a special charm. An easy going rustic charm makes Bhandardara a refreshing getaway for both the active and not so active weekend traveller. Bhandardara with good stay options can be a base to Kalsubai and also Ratangad Trek.

Reaching Kalsubai..
There are more than one trek route to Kalsubai however the ladder route with the Bari village as the base is the most popular trek route to Kalsubai. Bari village is about 20 Kms from Bhandarada famous for the arthur lake and Randha falls. There is andother route to Kalsubai from the Indorey village however its a steeper and tougher climb and is not a popular trek route to Kalsubai.
Legend of Kalsubai..

According to the legend, Kalsu was a household help who worked on one condition that she should not be asked to clean pots or sweep however she was forced to do that by her employer. She did as she was told, but immediately climbed the hill and stayed there till her death!!
On the top of Kalsubai there is a small temple dedicated to Kalsu, which can seat at the most 3 people. Kalsubai owing to its height offers panoramic view of the surroundings. The vastly spread out backwaters of Bhandardara attracts ones attention from the top. On the north of Kalsubai forts like Ahivant, Saptashrungi, Markandya can be spotted and to the east of Kalsubai one can see Harishchandragad.
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