Jawhar - The Tribal Hills..

Jawhar is an erstwhile tribal kingdom in Maharashtra. With a vibrant cultural heritage and picturesque undulating hills Jawhar is also called the Mahabaleshwar of Thane district. Jawhar is famous for its majestic Jai Vilas palace, magnificent water falls, forts and panoramic vistas but above all Jawhar is known for the rich cultural heritage that Jawhar holds close to itself even now..
Jawhar is located in a tribal belt and the entire area gives a feel of being inside a forest! Jai Vilas also known as the Raj Bari, the erstwhile palace of the tribal kings in Jawhar is the starting point to explore Jawhar. Jawhar has many beautiful water falls like Dabdaba water falls and Dabhosa water falls which are major tourist attraction of Jawhar. Jawhar also has some vantage points like sunset point and hanuman point which offer panoramic views of the valleys.
Dabhosa Waterfalls..

Dabhosa waterfalls is a waterfalls in Jawhar that could remind one of the majestic waterfalls of the western ghats in Karnataka and Kerala. Approximately 15 Kms from Jawhar Dabhosa offers a splendid view of the water gushing down 100 ft even during summers. There is a rocky trail which one could trek down to reach the small pool of the waterfalls.
Reaching Jawhar..
Jawhar in Thane district is located at about 150 Kms from Mumbai and is a perfect weekend picnic destination from Mumbai. Pune - Jawhar distance is about 250 Kms. Jawhar is on the SH 26 and the roads leading to this little hillstation is pretty narrow however in good condition for most parts. Jawhar doesnt have a rail head, Igatpuri the nearet railway station from Jawhar is 70 Kms away from Jawhar.
Jawhar is replete with treasures of tourist interest. Jai Vilas palace with 80  intricately designed rooms and the Bhopatgad fort are two spots you cant miss during a holiday in Jawhar. Dadar-Kopra falls and Palusa are the two scenic waterfalls in Jawhar apart from Dabdaba water falls. The tribal museum and warli paintings are also something that you shouldn't miss during your stay in Jawhar.
Warli Paintings

Warli paintings originated in the adjoining tribal pockets of Jawhar. Now highly popular and commercially a successful art form Warli paintings depict social life with scenes from daily life created in a rhythmic pattern. The symbolism of Warli paintings depict harmony and balance.
Sightseeing in Jawhar..
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Warli Paintings - Jawhar
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