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Bari is the base village for the Kalsubai trek, however if you are planning an overnight trip you could stay in Bhandardara also which is less than 20 Kms from Bari. There are better accommodation facilities available in Bhandardara and camping near the Bhandardara lake is also possible.
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The everest of the Sahyadris, Kalsubai trek is a dream trek of every avid trekker in Maharashtra. Bari the base village of Kalsubai is just 10 kms from Bhandardara. Guides are available in Bari village.
Igatpuri with its salubrious weather is emerging as a tourist destination with few of the finest temples in Maharashtra including a Vipassana Meditation centre

Kalsubai Trek
During and after monsoons Bhandardara takes on a heavenly aura of beauty with a emerald green cover and numerous streams and waterfalls adorning the hill facades!
Best Route from Kolhapur to Kalsubai

Kolhapur - Satara - Pune - Nasik Phata - Narayangao - Otur - Kotul - Rajur - Bhandardara - Bari - Kalsubai
Best Route from Pune to Kalsubai

Pune - Nasik Phata - Narayangao - Otur - Bhramanwada - Kotul - Rajur - Bhandardara - Bari - Kalsubai
Best Route from Mumbai to Kalsubai

Mumbai - Kalyan - Asangao - Sakurli - Ghatgar - Bhandardara - Bari - Kalsubai
:  180
:  140
:  1000
:  80
:  750
:  400
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