Umbrella Inn - Panchgani ( Mahabaleshwar )

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Umbrella Inn - a delightful departure from the regular hotels and resorts in Panchgani is a mid-size resort near panchgani about 2 kilometers from the main Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar road in Bhilar. Built to give a farm house feel, in a rustic milieu this resort is the ideal place to stay in Panchgani if you want to discover quitessential charm of this famed destination.

Umbrella Inn is built in a distinct victorian style and will remind you of the classic British countryside homes. The spacious courtyard overlooking the feilds and the hills in the distance leads to the reception area.

There are four meticulously adorned spacious rooms on either sides of the hall way leading to the backyard. The backyard is specially arranged to organise campfire and barbecue with tree stumps for seating arrangement. With a horse stable to augor the romantic charm of the place Umbrella Inn will delight you and will definitely reinforce the reasons why it is far superior to other hotels in Panchgani.

Umbrella Inn is an ideal resort to stay in for a laid back holiday from your busy schedules, however if sight seeing is in your agenda, Umbrella Inn is conveniently located between Panchgani and Mahableshwar and you can explore both these destinations with ease while staying at Umbrella inn. At a distance of 12 Kms from Mahabaleshwar and 5 Kms from Panchgani, Umbrella Inn is away from the tourist crowds yet close to the destinations.

Umbrella Inn is ideal for a family get together or for friends to just chill out for a weekend in Panchgani. A perfect hide out for a romantic get away too Umbrella inn is just the ideal place to arrange your stay in during your vacation in this enchanting hill station in Maharashtra to relax and rejuvenate and break away from the monotonous routine.

Umbrella Inn

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