Sai Raj Beach Resort - Devbaug ( Malvan )

Welcome to Sai Raj Beach Resort

Located in a land the name of which quite literaly translates as 'Gods Garden' Sairaj Beach Resort is everything one looks for in a resort for a beach holiday and more!

Perched coyly by the pristine Devbaug beach on the way to Devbaug sangam, where the Karli river meets the Arabian sea, Sairaj Beach Resort undoubtedly offers the most beautiful sea view, manifolds better than the sea view that any of the other hotels in Tarkarli can afford.

Sairaj Beach Resort has two cottages with four spacious A/C and non A/C rooms with all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay during your holidays in Tarkarli. The resort serves delicious veg - non veg food prepared in the famous Malvani culinary style.

There is no dearth of open spaces in Sairaj Beach Resort, with hammocks and seating area arranged under the coconut grooves by the beach this resort in Tarkarli has all the aspects covered to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your holidays in this beautiful tropical paradise!

Sai Raj Beach Resort

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