Ameya Guest House - Diveagar

Welcome to Ameya Guest House

Ameya Guest House is a delightful departure from regular Diveagar hotels and resorts. A homely place, Ameya Guest House is the place to stay if you want to experiance the rustic old way of living.

With 10 rooms in four different cottages in the sprawling 'wadi' covered in mango trees and coconut palms Ameya Guest House gives you an opportunity to stay as close as you can to nature.

Ameya Guest House has two independant cottages with single rooms and one cottage with two rooms. Apart from these there are four airy comfortable rooms on the first floor of the main bugalow.

Food served here is the speciality of Ameya Guest House. If you want to taste authentic kokani food prepared in the age old traditional way there is no better place than Ameya Guest House to do that. Both veg and non - veg food is served here.

Ameya Guest House still beleives in the uncomplicated way of living and if you want to unshackle from the fetters of the concrete jungles of cities - look no more, Ameya Guest House in Diveagar is the place that you nead to head for!

We Look forward to hosting you at Ameya Guest House - Diveagar.

Shrivardhan Harihareshwar and Murud Janjira are other places around Diveagar of tourist importance.

Ameya Guest House

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