Harishchandragad (4671ft)

Harischandragad fort situated in Ahmednagar District is a formidable fort. The view of the sheer rock wall of Harishchandragad fort from the Malshej Ghat is awe-inspiring. The edge of Harishchandragad fort is like a deep pan and because of its distinctive shape and height, Harishchandragad fort is a popular trekking spot. The most fascinating spot in Harshchandragad not to be missed in a trek to Harishchandragad is the Konkan Kada.
Harishchandragad is a good destination for trekking and camping. The popular base village for Harishchandragad trek is Khireshwar village however there are a few other villages that you can have as a base for Harishchandragad trek like Pachnai or Kothale. Harishchandragad trek is one of the difficult and long treks and is not recommended for summers. The best season for Harishchandragad trek is just after monsoons and winters.

Harishchandragad Trekking..
Vertical Cloud Burst - Harishchandragad

An amazing phenomenon that you can witness in Harishchandragad especially just after monsoons is the vertical cloud burst, in which the clouds nearing the cliff get sucked into the pit fall area below and are thrown vertically into the sky reaching more than 50 feet. It creates a magical wall rising straight from the edge of the cliff without entering the landmass area.
Reaching Harishchandragad..
The most popular base for Harishchandragad trek is the Khireshwar village. From Khireshwar Harishchandragad trek is about 9 Kms long. The trek route to Harishchandragad is via Junnar Darwaza and Tolar Khind. Enroute the Harishchandragad trek one would cross seven hills each offering magnificent views. Dont forget to carry drinking water and a camera!
The most fascinating spot in Harishchandragad is the Konkan Kada. One can have a breathtaking view of the surrounding region from here. Taramati peak is another spot for panoramic view of the valleys. Taramati peak is the second highest peak in Maharashtra. There are a few caves and temples also in Harishchandragad. Temple of Harishchandreshwar and Kedareshwar Cave is worth a visit
If Luck Favours..

If you are lucky you might be able to spot the 'Brocken Spectre' in Harishchandragad. Brocken Spectre is a magnified shadow of the observer, cast upon the upper surfaces of clouds opposite the sun with a circular rainbow around the shadow...
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Harishchandragad - Vertical Cloud Burst
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