Trek Route to Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad Trek Routes

The most popular trek route to Harishchandragad is via Khireshwar village although the simplest route is via Pachnai. The Harishchandra Trek route via Khireshwar passes through seven hills each gaining elevation and offering magnificent views of the hills and the valleys. The trek up at an average pace with intermitten stops will take about 7 hours however the the trek can be completed in less than four hours.

Harishchandragad Harishchandragad Forts

Harishchandreshwar Temple..

Believed to be from the same period as the Nageshwar temple near Khireshwar Harishchandreshwar temple is an exquisitely carved shiva temple. Near the Harishchandreshwar temple is the Sptatirtha Pushkarni a rectangular tank.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to H'gad170

Mumbai to H'gad 210

Kolhapur to H'gad400

Nagpur to H'gad 800

Ahm'bad to H'gad 750

B'lore to H'gad 1100

Kedareshwar Caves
Kedareshwar Caves - Harishchandragad

At the end of a track towards the right of Harishchandreshwar temple is the Kedareshwar cave. Within the huge cave sorrounded by waist deep water is a shivling. During monsoons its difficult to reach the cave due to the gushing stream from the cave. There are a few rock cut pillars and carvings made from rock within the cave.

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