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Chikhaldara is the only hillstation in the Vidarbha region and infact is quite far from Mumbai and Pune. Using rail as the transport mode is a viable option to reach Chikhaldara with Badnera as the nearest rail head with numerous trains running in this route. Chikhaldara is approximately 3 hours from Badnera.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Chikhaldara
Kolhapur - Sangli - Pandharpur - Beed - Jalna - Khamgaon - Akot - Chikhaldara

Best Route from Mumbai to Chikhaldara
Mumbai - Nashik - Malegaon - Dhule - Bhusaval - Burhanpur - Dharni - Chikhaldara

Best Route from Pune to Chikhaldara
Pune - Ahmednagar - Paithan - Jalna - Chikhli - Khamgaon - Akot - Chikhaldara

Kolkaz is on Paratwada – Dharni Road 18 km from Semadoh on the bank of Sipna river. Kolkaz is famous for natural beauty.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

There are two tourism zones in the Melghat Tiger Reserve - Semadoh and Harisal where tourists can enjoy jungle safari, elephant Ride and trek the jungle trails with trained guides.
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