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Camping probably is the nearest possible way to stay close to nature. Camping as an outdoor activity is fast catching up with the imagination of travellers in Maharashtra. There are many places ideal for camping near Pune however unfortunately there are very few organized locations that has been developed as a camping site near Pune. At this point in time the forts around Pune are the most popular camping sites near Pune.
Camping near Pune is a fancy that the outdoorsy in Pune have taken onto. Though there aren't many organized camping sites near Pune a few camping sites are coming up near Pune in the rustic outskerts of Pune.

Puneritraveller is attempting to identify camping sites near Pune in association with small households with the infra structure and basic camping facilities to promote it as an organized camping site near Pune and Mumbai.
Camping near Pune..
Storm Festival - Coorg Karnataka..

The Storm Festival is set in the mounds of the divine locales of Coorg, also known as the Kashmir of the South. With a mix of top notch DJs from India and a handful from across the globe, you are sure to have the time of your life, partying in the Hills for a whole happening weekend!

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Forts around Pune is the most popular camping sites in Maharashtra at this point in time. Though the facilities available are close to nothing the forts near Pune offer a great place to set up a tent and a campfire and most of them offer magnificent views especially in the early nornings and late evenings!
The biggest problem of forts as a camping site near Pune is the unavailability of water and toilets.
Maharashtra is blessed with a long coast line with few of the finest beaches one could find in the country. Some of these beaches are a backpackers dream - long stretches of beaches, perfect for camping. Speak to the locals before you set up the tent on the beach to ensure how far the tides come up during high tides! There is no regulatory body reagarding camping in the beaches as of now.
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Storm Festival - Camp Out Music Festival
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