Around Velneshwar

Around Velneshwar...

Diveagar is on one end of the three Raigad beaches - diveagar Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar. Dighi is a 15 mins drive from Diveagar from where you can visit the famous Murud Janjira. Temples in this region is very famous and Harihareshwar is popularly known as the Dakshin Kashi. Shrivardhan beach is a small cove with a very calm sea and unlike Diveagar is a flat beach.

Velneshwar velneshwar Temples Hedvi..

Hedvi a jagrut devstan with the Shree DashaBhuj Laxmi Ganesh Temple is just 5kms ahead of Velneshwar. This ‘Laxmi – Ganesh Temple’ is not only ancient but also rare with a 10 handed idol. "Brahman ghal" is a interesting spot where water gushes up a rock cut gorge. end.

Around Velneshwar..

Anjanvel Lighthouse45




Gopalgad Fort45



The Anjanvel light house about 14 kms from Guhagar ST bus stand is a nice place to visit escpecially in the evening. Rebuilt in 1960s this light house is perched upon a steep hillock. Though not very tall (30ft) the view from atop the light house is great. Tolekeshwar Temple is located near the lighthouse.

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