Around Toranmal

Toranmal located very far from almost from all the main cities in Maharashtra it is ideal not plan any detours on a trip to Toranmal! Plan a trip to Toranmal in such a way that you would be able to rest and then explore this beautiful region. There is lots to see in this tribal belt of Toranmal and a two night trip plan would be ideal to enjoy this beautiful hillstation of Toranmal.

Sita-Khai-Waterfalls Toranmal

Machindra caves

Machindra caves is one of the major crowd pullers in Toranmal. Located in Saptasringgad the Machindra caves with the Machhindranath Mandir and the Markendeya's seat nearby is difinite worth a visit during your stay in Toranmal.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Toranmal500

Mumbai to Toranmal500

Kolhapur to Toranmal720

Nagpur to Toranmal650

B'lore to Toranmal380

A'bad to Toranmal1250

Yashwant Lake
Yashwant Lake.

The Yashwant Lake is the main attractions of Toranmal. The fresh water lake is ideal for boating and fishing. No matter where you are in Toranmal you can be sure that the ubiquitous Yashwant Lake isn't too far behind. Surrounded by hills and spread over 1.5 km, the lake overlooks the Protestant church adding beauty to the beautiful location.

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