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Tapola is a great off beat destination where nature has been more than generous. The lake offers an unique option of traveling to different sightseeing options around Tapola by water way! There are numerous islands without a name in this 90 km long reservoir and exploring this vast water body in itself can make an amazing vacation plan!! Jungle treks especially the trek to Vasota fort also is gaining in popularity amongst tourists.

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Adventure Sports in Tapola

Tapola is an upcoming site for paragliding along with Panchgani. An ideal location for high flying the site will soon capture the imagination of flying enthusiasts. Tapola is also popular for as a camping site along the lake not to mention the adventourous jungle treks!

Tapola Sightseeing..


Panchagani 30

Pratapgad 45


Vasota 30

Thoseghar 45

Malshej 65

Pratapgad Fort
Pratapgad Fort

Famous for Shivaji's legendary battle against Afzhal Khan in 1656, Pratapgad fort is under 30 Kms from Mahabaleshwar. One can drive right up to the base of the fort. The stairway up takes you to the upper fort of Pratapgad and affords some beautiful views of the valley. On the way to Pratapgad there is handicraft centre and metal craft exhibition worth a visit.

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