Around Panhala

Around Panhala..

Panhala is located on a offshoot of Kolhapur - Ratnagiri route and there are many interesting spots nearby. You could embark on a Jungle safari in the bison wild life sanctuary or visit the historic spot of Pawankhind or answer the divine calling and visit the cave temple of Shiva in Marleshwar and also enjoy the scenic beauty of the Marleshwar waterfalls.

Marleshwar Waterfalls Panhala


Marleshwar is famous for the shiva temple in a cave and one of the tallest waterfalls in Maharashtra. You might come across many snakes even cobras in the cave but no one ever has been hurt! The falls with a small pool is extremely beatiful especially after monsoons.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Panhala 245

Mumbai to Panhala 400

Kolhapur to Panhala 25

Satara to Panhala 110

Nagpur to Panhala 850

B'lore to Panhala 925

A'bad to Panhala 650


A two hour drive from Panhala will get you to Ratnagiri famous for its pristine beaches, historic monuments and alphonso mangoes. The drive from Ratnagiri to Ganpatipule by the sea through Bhandarpule is one of the most beautiful drives that you can undertake in the entire Konkan coast.

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