Around Malvan

Around Malvan..

In Malvan though there are over a dozen temples scattered around, Malvan is not really a temple town unlike most of the other beach destinations in Konkan, however there is lots to see and do in Malvan. A boat ride in the Karli backwaters and snorkeling are two things that you can't miss out on. Dolphin watch rides are also very popular in Malvan and if you dont sight a dolphin in Malvan, lets face it you probably are not destined to spot one!!

Kunkeshwar Temple - Devgad Malvan Beaches

Malvan Rockgardens....

About 12Kms from Devbaug just Behind the Malvan Police Station, half a Kilometer away from Malvan jetty near the Arase Mahal is the Malvan Rock Gardens. This beautifuly manicured garden is located just by the sea Chivla beach with colourful, decorative flowers and trees.

Distance from Major cities


Sindhudurg Fort2






Burn Island
Burnt Island

A bird watchers paradise Burnt island is one of the three main islands off the coast from Malvan. Burnt island is a traditional roosting and nesting site of the Indian Swiftlet, the Edible nest swiftlet and many more species of avians. The nests of Edible nest swiftlet is considered to be an aphrodisiab in Far East Asian countries.

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