Around Khadakwasla..

Khadakwasla is not really a place for a overnight trip however there are many places around Khadakwasla of tourist importance and Khadakwasla falls enroute many of these places. Nilkantheswar temple is one such place which is a temple of Shiva with a open air museum of sculptures made out cement of mythological characters and is a interesting place near Khadakwasla

India's first planned hill city is a perfect destination for a monsoon family excursion. With smooth roads winding the ghats, the drive in itself to Lavasa is fabulous. Lavasa, an awe inspiring city spanning over 25,000 acres of enchanting lush green landscape with sixty kilometers of lakefront spread over seven hills is responsible for the development of the adjacent rural areas also.
Around Khadakwasla..
Torna Fort..
One of the demanding treks near Pune Torna Fort is about 25 kms from Panshet. Best season for the Torna trek is after the monsoons when the entire way up the fort would be laden with wild flowers. There are two two slippery rock patches on the way up the fort, BE CAREFUL. Konkan Darwaja, Budhla Machi and Zunjar Machi are interesting spots on the fort with magnificent view all around.
Temgarh with the Temgarh dam is a little known destination about 50 kms from Panshet and about 25 Kms from lavasa. With a few farm houses and great weather Temgarh is amazing during and after monsoons. Infact Temgarh is gaining in popularity as a monsoon destination from Pune even over Mulshi and Tamhini ghats which currently are the most frequented places near Pune during monsoons.

Mulshi Lake formed in the catchments area of Mulshi dam is the primary tourist attraction in Mulshi. The Mulshi lake with scenic surrounding and unexploited Sahyadri hilly terrains is a perfect spot for a weekend picnic. About 80 Kms from Panshet, Mulshi route is via Lavasa from Panshet.
Temgarh Dam..
Rajgad Fort

Rajgad is one of the most alluring treks near Pune with a fort of mammoth size, sky touching height(4600 ft.) and wide spread. Rajgad was Shivaji Maharaj's capital for 26 years before moving to Raigad. Treasure found on adjacent Torna fort is believed to be used to fortify this beautiful fort. Pali the base village of Rajgad is 40 km away from Panshet.

Rajgad Fort Trek
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Krushnai Water Park
Torna Fort
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