Around Kas

Around Kas..

Kas is a beautiful region with a few very beautiful destination around especially after the monsoons. Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill power plant is approximately 30 kms from Kas Plateau. Thoseghar is amongst the tallest water falls in this region and paints a real pretty picture especially after the monsoons. The windmill farms in Chalkewadi is also worth a visit which offers a unique panorama of windmill against the hills!

kas kas

Kas Lake..

Towards the south of the Kas Plateau is the Kas Lake which adds to the beauty of the flower carpet the plateau adorns. Kas lake looks like a bowl carved out of the green verdant mountains. Surrounded by lush greenery Kas Lake is a beautiful location to unpack your picnic basket!

Distance from Major cities

Kas Pathar to Tapola50

Kas to Bamnoli20

Kas to M'shwar75

Kas to Panchgani90

Kas to Thoseghar30

Kas to Sajjangad 40



Vasota is the most popular Jungle trek in Maharashtra. Situated on the western edge of the Satara District, Vasota is covered in dense forest all the way through. Shiv Saagar lake on side and surrounded by the river Koyna, Vasota makes a special treat for trekkers.

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