Around Karde

Around Karde..

Karde is amongst the most romantic locales in Dapoli with a vast expanse of beach extending on either sides and there is lots to see in and around Karde. Apart from the magnificesnt temples around Karde the Harnai fishing harbour and a visit to the sea fort of Suvarnadurg are two things one shouldnt miss during a holiday in Karde.

Anjarle Temple Karde Beach Harnai  Fishing Harbour.

One of the most popular attractions during a Dapoli vacation the fish auction at Harnai fishing harbour is an awe inspiring affair. The fish auctions at Harnai happen every day at about 6 pm when all the fishing boats return to the harbour one by one with the days catch.

Sightseeing in Karde..






Suvarna Ganesh Temple12


Parashuram Temple
Parashuram Temple - Ade

Located about 10 Kilometers from Anjarle between Ade and Kelshi the Parshuram temple or Shree Bhargavram temple is a temple complex with five temples. The architecture of the temple is from the Peshwa regime. A fleet of stone steps takes one to the temple complex with each facing east.

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