Around Jawhar

Around Jawhar

Jawhar is an off beat destination and although there is lots to see in and around Jawhar there are not many places closeby for one day excurssions if you are on a long vacation. Jawhar is the kind of place where you spend the day by the lake with a picnic basket, hike the rustic village trails and enjoy the grandeur of nature ..

Jawhar Jawhar


Udvada a small town, 120 kms from Jawhar houses a Parsi fire temple. Fire holds a central position in the parsi religion and the Udvada fire temple holds an Atash Behram fire. (a fire collected from 16 different sources and a result of rituals extending over 15000 hours)

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Jawhar 250

Mumbai toJawhar 150

Kolhapur toJawhar 470

Nagpur toJawhar 450

B'lore toJawhar 750

A'bad toJawhar 1150

Daman ..

Daman 110 Kms from Jawhar is an erstwhile Portugese colony is yet to be anywhere close to its couterpart Goa in popularity however Daman also holds a lot for the tourists. With Daman beaches; like Jampore on the southern end and Devka to the north, old churches and forts Daman is a great weekend destination.

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