Around Devbaug

Around Devbaug..

Devbaug is the extension of Tarkarli and for most parts was overshadowed by the more talked about beach owing to the MTDC resort however now Devbaug is emerging as a destination on its own merit with numerous sightseeing options around it. Bhogve beach and Nivati on the other side of Devbaug sangam are two other beautiful beaches that you can visit from Devbaug apart from Tarkarli and the other Malvan beaches .

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Malvan Rockgardens..

About 12Kms from Devbaug just Behind the Malvan Police Station, half a Kilometer away from Malvan jetty near the Arase Mahal is the Malvan Rock Gardens. Chivla beach with colourful, decorative flowers and trees.

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Sindhudurg Fort
Sindhudurg Fort

Barely a km, from the Malavan the Sindhudurg fort is one of the best preserved forts of the Marathas. With almost a four km long rampart with 42 bastions the Sindhudurg fort is a huge structure spreading over 48 acres. The fort is approachable from the Malavan pier by boat. The fort is also a snorkeling site.

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