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Once you reach Dapoli take the Harnai road from Dapoli, passing alongside the Dapoli Police Chowki, follow the road for about 5 km and take a right towards Khem. After 15 min drive you will see the bridge over Anjarle creek. Cross this bridge to reach Anjarle.

Best Route from Kolhapur to Anjarle

Chandoli - Amba Ghat - Karnjari - Hathkumbe - Nivli Phata - Chiplun - Khed - Dapoli - Anjarle

Best Route from Mumbai to Anjarle

Panvel - Rohe - Mahad - Bhor - Khed - Dapoli - Anjarle

Best Route from Pune to Anjarle

Pune - Bhor Phata - Poladpur - Khed - Dapoli - Anjarle

Karve Memmorial

Visit the gallery near the Harnai Durga devi temple if you want to see some of the rarest and historic photos of Maharshi Karve.

Jagdish Lunch Home

If you have a sea food crazy apetite Jagdish Lunch Home is one place that you cant't miss out on.  A small place in the heart of the town this is one place that serves the real authentic kokani sea food!

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