Aaravi - A Beach Unknown!!..

Sequestered between the popular beaches of Diveagar and Shrivardhan is the little cove of Aaravi beach. A secluded beach on the 'sagari marg' connecting the two beach towns Aaravi is slowly starting to capitalise on its tourism potential. Aaravi has a beautiful beach stretching for a few hundred meters between two rocky hillocks with a soft sandy beach with a rocky stretch at the ends.

Aaravi Beach Aaravi Beach The Somajal Devi temple ..

Somajal Devi temple in Shrivardhan about 10 kms from Aaravi is believed to have a diety of miracles. Locals here make unbelievable claims of "Venom Neutralisation" by the devi and it is pretty common to see snake bite victims praying to the Goddess at this temple!!

Distance from Major cities


Pune to Aaravi 165

Mumbai to Aaravi 150

Kolhapur to Aaravi 320

Nagpur to Aaravi 1000

Ahm'bad to Aaravi 1000

Kasav Mitra Mandal
Kasav Mitra Mandal

The marine turtle conservation movement has been underway in Maharashtra since the past 10 years and Raigad beaches has been a major location for the activities. Velas 15 kms from Aaravi has always been a major nesting site of Olive Ridley turtles and they also host the Turtle Festival each year.

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